7 pairs of “rivals” that help each other get stronger are the most loved in the manga/anime world

7 pairs of rivals

Although they are 7 pairs of rivals, these characters also make each other stronger and the story more interesting.

Here are 7 pairs of rivals opponents that make each other more robust in the anime /manga world :

No anime, manga lacks the shadow of intense and fiery matches between natural enemies. They can be enemies, brothers, and friends, and what they all have in common is that they are all incredibly talented.

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1. Goku and Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z

The rivalry between these two Saiya warriors probably doesn’t need to be mentioned. It can be said that they are the most famous enemy in the world of manga and anime.

The two have developed an exciting relationship; from enemies, they became friends, helping to defeat countless powerful enemies to protect the Earth and prove that they are the most influential people in the universe.

2. Naruto and Sasuke – Naruto

Naruto and Sasuke have been enemies from the first meeting. They are two people from two harsh backgrounds, leading to an essential confrontational relationship that drives the entire plot.

Although they are close friends, they are also the biggest rivals who always compete with each other. If evaluated objectively, this is the couple that is the most predestined in the movie.

Naruto and Sasuke used to be on the same team under the guidance of Kakashi-sensei, eating and sleeping together, training together, and performing missions together.

Although it was just an accident, Naruto and Sasuke also “exchanged” their first kiss. Besides, even when he first met Sasuke when he was still an apprentice ninja, Naruto saw him as arch-rival and was determined to prove himself to Sasuke.

Not only that but Sasuke can also be seen as Naruto’s love rival. But in the end, from fierce competitors, the two became friends as adults.

3. Bakugou and Deku – My Hero Academia

Many fans know deku and Bakugou as blue-haired Naruto and blonde Sasuke. Even so, their rivalry is fascinating. Like most rival pairs, Deku is a weak character while Bakugou is a very talented character.

Then, with the effort and potential of One For All, Deku grows more substantial and is Bakugou’s rival. But unlike Sasuke, despite his abundance of talent, Bakugou often fails. Bakugou was taken hostage twice, failed the hero test, and his victory at the UA sports festival was because Todoroki was still shaking after fighting Deku.

From being a bully to Deku, the turmoil in Bakugou’s life and character development (until he learns the secret of Deku’s Quirk) makes the two an exciting pair of opponents.

4. Yuno and Asta – Black Clover

Since the Black Clover story feels like Naruto, Yuno and Asta’s relationship is similar to Sasuke and Naruto’s. It’s just that from the start until now, Yuno and Asta’s rivalry has never lessened like Sasuke and Naruto’s.

Both are aiming for the position of Sorcerer King, and they will fight to beat each other in the competition, but the two will likely fight together if they have a common enemy.

5. Yugi and Kaiba – Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yugi, Kaiba – two characters with two opposite personalities and fates, but significantly contribute to helping Yu-Gi-Oh! Get love from everyone.

The competitive relationship between these two characters is fascinating. With their unique tactics, they have brought viewers many tough and dramatic matches.

6. Sanji and Zoro – One Piece

Both are members of the Straw Hat Pirates, but Sanji and Zoro are quite “hateful” when they often “touch hands and feet” and have quarrels.

The two always respected each other, but it is evident that they didn’t like each other at all. Zoro is a genius, and it can be said that Zoro’s strength is achieved through a process of relentless training.

Meanwhile, Sanji values ​​strategy and mind rather than power, but he is not a coward or coward; no opponent can make him surrender or fear (unless standing in front of women).

FAQ’s About 7 Pairs of Rivals

Why are there so many rivalries in anime?

Why are there so many rivalries in anime?

By this we are referring to the fact that in nearly every anime, the main protagonist—as well as many of the secondary characters—have a rival; someone who they aren’t quite friends with, but aren’t always enemies with that helps push them into becoming stronger in whatever facet they compete in and vice versa.

Which is the best example of sibling rivalry in anime?

Which is the best example of sibling rivalry in anime?

One of the most common real-world rivalries are sibling rivalries, and one of the greatest examples of this in anime comes in the form of Dragon Ball Super ‘s Beerus and Champa. The characters are both gods of destruction, and both have around the same power level, so it’s not hard to see why they would get competitive with each other.

Who are the rival characters in Pokemon Masters?

1: Only if the female player character is picked. 2: Only if the male player character is picked. In the Card GB series, Ronald does not use actual Pokémon themselves, but cards instead. In Pokémon Masters, Paulo serves as the player’s rival. Various rivals for the main characters have also appeared in the anime .

Who are all the rivals in Yandere Simulator?

Who are all the rivals in Yandere Simulator?

Victim-chan was the first test rival. Her looks were meant to resemble the first rival, Osana Najimi. She was eventually removed from the game. Kokona Haruka was the second test rival. Unlike Victim-chan, she was not removed from the game, and is now a normal student with no crush.

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