All for One vs All Might

All for One vs All Might Toshinori Yagi vs. All For One: Rematch was a battle fought within the Symbol of Peace All Might and the League of Villains All For One leader.

Members of the Hermitage Raid Team: Endeavor, Edge shot, and Gran Torino also supports All Might in this battle’s later scenes.

Preface of All for One vs All Might

All Might confronts All For One.

When Symbol of Peace arrive to kill All for One

At the Nomu factoryAll For One defeats the Hideout Raid Team, lead by Best Jeanist. He supports Best Jeanist for his unique skill but declares his Quirk isn’t worth keeping. The No. 4 Hero tries to battle again, but All For One effortlessly hurts him. All For One kills most of the construction and then moves the Nomu to the main sanctuary to distract the heroes attacking there.

All For One uses his Warping Quirk to bring Katsuki Bakugo and all the villains to his position. All For One shows Tomura Shigaraki that notwithstanding his defeat, he can forever try again. All For One says he exists to help his protege, and Tomura can retry as many opportunities because he requires to.

The warriors defend off the Nomu at this significant sanctuary. All Might leave the major hideout to Attempt and tests five kilometers to the Nomu factory in just past thirty seconds to brave All For One directly. All Might tells his arch-nemesis that he’s getting his junior back, and All For One answers that the Symbol of Peace has arrived to kill him a second time.

Battle of All for One vs All Might

All For One sends All Might flying.

All Might decides to save Katsuki

All Might strikes All For One, and the villain gets both of his hands in mid-air. He’s ready to continue All Might back, and their battle produces a giant shockwave. Both of them improve as they insult one another regarding their new inclinations. Angry, All Might declare that he’ll take after Katsuki, take All For One, and get specific all the League of Villains are caught. All Might jump at All For One, and the villain returns that the No. 1 hero has his job cut out of him.

All For One practices Springlike Limbs, Kinetic Booster x4, and Strength Enhancer x3 to increase the strength of his Air Cannon. The masked villain excitements All Might with an air cannon that sends the hero into a nearby building. Even though the strike killed a good part of the city, All For One implies it’s not powerful sufficient to kill All Might.

All For One shows Tomura, and the other villains go with Katsuki. Black tendrils rise from his toes and love into Kurogiri’s motionless body. Then All For One practice Forced Quirk Activation to begin Kurogiri’s Warp Gate Quirk. All Might state and All For One practices Air Walk to levitate and fight with All Might in the Air, providing different powerful shockwaves. The villains strike Katsuki and attempt to arrest him again. Concerned, All Might decides to save Katsuki, but All For One uses his Quirk-enhanced pointers to beat All Might and save him away from their fight.

All For One holds off All Might so Tomura can escape.

Why Izuku, Tenya, and Eijiro Save Katsuki?

Izuku, Tenya, and Eijiro quickly soar over the battlefront to save Katsuki. All For One attempts to prevent them, but All Might backhands him within a building. The followers lead to saving Katsuki, and Gran Torino appears to beat the villains. All Might says Gran Torino is also quiet, and the better man acknowledges that All Might is extremely fast. Gran Torino scolds All Might for cleaning off so negatively on Izuku. All Might tells he didn’t require Izuku to get after the Hosu Incident but isn’t shocked by the teenagers’ actions.

When All Might Become the Symbol of Peace

All Might returns his attention to All For One and demands he can fight restraint externally. Gran Torino tries to dispense with Tomura and Himiko, but All For One bends all the villains away. All Might strike again, and All For One distorts Gran Torino in the way of his fist and gives the force of the stroke back at All Might by doing Impact Recoil. Tomura’s master declares he only appeared to protect his protege and declares that he will continue to fight his arch-nemesis. All For One reports how All Might became the Symbol of Peace by crushing one after another of All For One’s comrades.

“Those are things I cannot forgive!”

Try to kill Gran Torino

All For One attempts to kill Gran Torino by an air cannon, and only All Might take his tutor off the portal and counterattacks by a Detroit Smash. Boy forcibly denies the enhanced air cannon but suffers injury in the method. All For One knows All Might is besides existing behind because civilians nearby keep been picked up in confusion. Angry, All Might stop All For One‘s taunting and claims he cannot forget how the villain practices people and rejects them like trash.

Fight All For One vs All Might

All Might rushes All For One and clutches his extra arm. All For One doesn’t hold time to bend, and All Might strike the villain’s head into the spot, smashing his mask. The No. 1 hero starts to give his time end and casually returns toward his weak form. He’s shocked that All For One is still alive, and the villain declares that he has learned that specific line before of the previous user of One For All: Nana Shimura.

All Might asks All For One to save his master’s name out of his mouth. All For One insults him about Nana’s death, and All Might strike in anger. All For One performs a report that gives All Might rushing back. Gran Torino saves All Might by seizing him in the air. He says All Might quiet down because All For One disappeared in the past because this is equal. They dock collectively, and Gran Torino mentions All Might not replace advice with their opponent because his fight way and Quirks are different now. Gran Torino suggests his recent student be more intelligent than striking head-on.

All Might rises up for those who chant his name.

Death of Kamino Ward

Next to this point in the fighting, much of Kamino Ward became been killed. The intelligence arrives the failure as the League of Villains leader and performances the game live. All For One remains to insult his nemesis by questioning if it’s fair that All For One crushed people’s trust in Hero Society. Behind Tomura was the one to break away through this. He remains, declaring that he minds All Might because still more than the hero dislikes him.

Breaking tha law of Symbol of Peace

All For One does Springlike members and enhancer Quirks to plan to fire off different air cannons. Gran Torino foretells his shooting and shows All Might avoid and counterattack. Gran Torino goes continuously, but All For One tries to strike a nearby civilian caught below some rubble. All Might submit himself in the form of the giant air cannon and catches the full power of the strike.

All Might revert completely following his slight figure, and All For One tells All Might‘s defect to the world to smash his pride as the Symbol of Peace. Notwithstanding his decreased body, All Might continues stable and speaks that being the Symbol of Peace isn’t something All For One can get away with. Still planned to defeat All Might‘s mind, All For One exposes that Tomura Shigaraki is Nana Shimura’s grandson. That exposure transfers All Might be spiraling into despair.

The nearby commoners and everyone attending the match, including Izuku and Katsuki, supports All Might to prevent striving. All Might recover his courage and converges One For All into his regular arm. He says All For One that warriors have too much to defend to lose upon villains. Gran Torino understands that All Might has caught several hits and is approaching his boundary because only his regular arm is strong.

All For One attacks with his ultimate combination of Quirks.

All for One Plans to Strike on All Might

All For One drifts up All Might and plans to strike with different air cannons. The arrival of Endeavor and Edge shot disrupt him. The Flash Hero strikes with a flamethrower movement, and All For One dispurses the flash with an air blast. All For One commends the warriors for dispensing with the mid-level Nomu so fast. Incensed by All Might‘s weak form, Endeavor requires that All Might keep working to explain to the world why he’s the No. 1 hero.

All For One grows disturbed by the support and plans to strike. Edge shot ends him and handles his Quirk to fly into the air and assault the villain. The Ninja Hero suggests to the villain that the warriors have appeared to support. Kamui Woods meets them and protects the heroes All For One beaten earlier. Tiger protects the nearby civilian and suggests the Symbol of Peace that he’ll always be everyone’s No. 1 hero no matter what he looks like.

All For One uses an excellent air of excitement to send Endeavor and Edge shot racing behind. He joins the Quirks: Springlike Limbs, Kinetic Booster x4, Strength Enhancer x3, Multiplier, Hypertrophy, Rivets, Air Walk, and Spearlike Bones to improve his regular arm significantly with the “ultimate sequence” of Quirks. All For One demands the excitements up until now were to use All Might down, not to kill him. The villain declares that he can prove that One For All no deep dwells within All Might, and the warrior is practicing up what embers of the Quirk he should go. He even exposes that All Might filled on his Quirk to Izuku Midoriya and taunts him for leaving Izuku onto the battleground.

The United States of Smash!

Heavy and Final Strike of All for One vs All Might

The energies of information and mystery hit as the combatant’s Quirks collide and produce a massive explosion. All For One uses Impact Recoil to accelerate All Might back. All Might declares that as Izuku’s teacher, he need do for the newborn man as Nana Shimura arranged for him. Encouraged by his former’s masters’ expressions of advice, All Might return his arm to its incomplete form, conceding All For One to smash it. This provides All Might a chance to tap up his left arm and steer a direct stroke to All For One’s face, splitting off the rest of his mask.

All For One remark that covers similar that are unlike All Might, and his strike was ineffective. He uses Springlike Limbs on his left arm and plans to strike. All Might declares his strike was weak because his back wasn’t in it at that moment. Impassioned by motivation from Nana to do his most reliable, All Might converges the last embers of One For All back into his right arm. All Might avoid under All For One‘s tried air cannon and hits the master of darkness with his most important technique.

All Might’s efforts depart to All For One and One For All as his strike produces a twister so potent that it affects the report helicopter and provides nearby buildings into the air. The last embers of One For All go out inside All Might. Just All For One is exposed once and for all.

Conclusion of All for One vs All Might

All Might stands victorious.

Including All For One ultimately exposed, All Might lift his fist and feels his muscular form. He is victorious as the world follows the Symbol of Peace and brings out his last heroic act. The media publishes All Might’s victory as spectators shout and support for their No.1 hero. Edge shot says All Might shouldn’t force himself, without Gran Torino tells to let him be because this is his last work as the Symbol of Peace and the No. 1 hero. 

Succeeding on, Uwabami, Pro Heroes, and the police team protect other civilians and capture All For One. All Might turns to the media’s camera and states, you’re next. Commoners use this to threaten other villains, but Izuku knows All Might means its time for his protege to rise and enhance the new Symbol of Peace.

All For One is needed to Tartarus Prison. He cries All Might‘s victory still demands the hero lost his opportunity to die. All For One doesn’t seem concerned about the League of Villain‘s state because he understands it will be Tomura Shigaraki’s deed to rise now.

FAQ’s About All for One vs All Might

What episode was All Might vs All For One?

What episode was All Might vs All For One?

One For All (ワン・フォー・オール, Wan Fō Ōru?) is the forty-ninth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the eleventh episode of the third season.

Who is stronger All Might or All For One?

Who is stronger All Might or All For One?

You can see that when it comes to pure strength, All for One is stronger. But when it comes to ability, All Might was better. What made All-Might victorious was not his strength but his ability to think ahead and his near-perfect mastery of One for All.

Does All Might defeat All For One?

Does All Might defeat All For One?

Aftermath. All Might stands victorious. With All For One finally defeated, All Might raises his fist and assumes his muscular form. He stands victorious as the world watches the Symbol of Peace carry out his last heroic deed.

Is All Might and one for all related?

Is All Might and one for all related?

All Might seems to be the first to defeat All For One and the first-ever severely scar him mentally. All For One enjoys belittling and ridiculing All Might, even relishing in breaking All Might’s spirit by revealing that Tomura is Nana Shimura’s grandson.

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