Hero Academy: Deku “confronts” with Class 1-A, what will be the end?

Tensions rise as Deku and Class 1-A prepare for the inevitable scuffle in chapter 319.

From the moment Deku announced her departure from UA, Class 1-A will soon try to find her. That story happens, but given the situation in chapter 319, it seems Deku has to take a risk against even his classmates.

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Hero Academy is a manga series written and illustrated by Horikoshi Kohei. The story follows Midoriya Izuku, a boy born without superpowers but was helped by the greatest superhero and helped him enter a school for superhero apprentices.

All this time, Deku has had to bear the burden of using Quirk All For One alone to protect his friends and family, but it turns out they’re just as stubborn as he is. After Class 1-A tricked Endeavor into helping them locate Deku, the reunion with his old friend was not a warm one.

Class 1-A’s tension improves after Deku reveals that she is the owner of Quirk One For All. Most of the students didn’t know about her strength but quickly understood the story.

The children realize that the top three Pro Heroes, plus All Might, are acting separately with Deku.

Class 1-A tricks Endeavor into visiting UA and stealing his phone, but it seems he is pinning his hopes on Deku’s classmates. Endeavor sensed their concern and believed that Deku needed the help she deserved.

Surprisingly, Class 1-A was willing to fight alongside Deku, not to stop his friend. Deku was probably aware of this and knew that they could lose their lives if they joined the battle.

Even knowing that Deku can stop or escape, Class 1-A still maintains a responsible attitude. Deku is exhausted and mentally unstable, while all the others are healthy and ready to fight.

Bakugo is the only one who truly understands Deku’s motives, even better than All Might. Whether Deku or Class 1-A win, Bakugo’s words will make her eyes widen. Bakugo’s knowledge of Deku would be the key to “catching” him and potentially bringing him back to everyone.

The battle is imminent, and Deku’s chances of escaping are meager. Class 1-A knows his friends well, and Bakugo alone can almost handle Deku on his own. Besides, it is also necessary to prevent All For One from attacking.

Deku is currently weak, and everyone in Class 1-A has gathered. All For One needs to kidnap one of them, hostage to gain the upper hand.

Class 1-A has strong, steadfast, and reliable young heroes. Deku didn’t stand a chance against all of her classmates, especially as she looked like she was about to faint.

The true meaning of the word “friends” will be portrayed by the author and the limits that can be broken to start a new journey.

FAQ’s About Deko and Class 1-A

What does Class 1 in bakugou Katsuki mean?

What does Class 1 in bakugou Katsuki mean?

It starts a class-wide debate about it, and Aizawa tells them that they won’t have to sit exams if they work together and come up with a great plan. Class 1-A crack surrounding their plans for what would happen in an apocalypse.

Who is Midoriya Izuku in the Deku club?

Who is Midoriya Izuku in the Deku club?

The Deku Club referred to as D.C., does not alert the one person it revolves around: Midoriya Izuku. These are their meetings. 3 /?

Why do the students of Class 1-A accept the offer?

Why do the students of Class 1-A accept the offer?

(If you had the chance for your greatest wish to be granted, would you take it?) To protect their most precious person from Shigaraki Tomura, the students of class 1-A accept an offer that’s too good to be true.

What do bakugou and Izuku have in common?

What do bakugou and Izuku have in common?

Izuku and Bakugou both have triggers, but the class didn’t know about the Slime incident. They didn’t realize that foods like Jell-O would make them feel like slime down their throats.

Like they were suffocating. All conversation and movement stopped when one grenade-gauntleted fist rose into the air.

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