Hero Academy: What is the VERY important question Katsuki Bakugo has for Deku before the mortal battle?

While trying to bring Deku back, Katsuki Bakugo reminded him of his original goal of being a hero.

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Hero Academy is a manga series written and illustrated by Horikoshi Kohei. The story follows Midoriya Izuku, a boy born without superpowers but was helped by the greatest superhero and helped him enter a school for superhero apprentices.

Deku is now the alone guy facing the villains. Class 1-A finally found me, and everyone wants to let me know their heart; that is the desire to stand by my side. The loudest one, of course, was Katsuki Bakugo , who asked Deku a surprisingly profound question.

Ever since Deku left UA, her classmates have had no idea about her. The only information they had were the letters she wrote detailing why she couldn’t stay and the secret of One For All.

The class respected Deku’s wishes and left her alone, but Katsuki Bakugo and Uraraka didn’t think so. Katsuki Bakugo had predicted that Deku was acting independently to save as many people as possible. Given the relationship they both have, she knows all too well about Deku’s sacrificial nature.

So Katsuki Bakugo and the entire 1-A class “used” Principal Nezu to “invite” Endeavor to UA. When he arrived, they asked the pro hero Deku’s location.

When Endeavor reveals Deku is with All Might, Bakugo considers this to be the worst-case scenario: All Might can never contain Deku’s foolish recklessness, as he is the heroism that Deku has pursued since long.

Class 1-A eventually follows Deku using Endeavor’s communication device. Despite seeing his classmates as capable of fighting criminals, Deku adamantly refuses to be with them. Bakugo shouted a fascinating question: “Are you smiling now?”

Ever since childhood, whenever asked what kind of hero he wanted to be, Deku’s answer was always “someone who can save people with a smile, no matter what danger they’re in, just like All Might.” .”

Deku learned at UA that smiling is not only a strategy to ward off villains but also a way to reassure innocent civilians that everything will be okay.

Bakugo’s question in chapter 319 is essential, as it shows how Deku’s current path has deviated from the hero image she once hoped to be.

Deku’s endless efforts have exhausted her both physically and mentally. The younger brother is full of scars, and now even smiling can’t erase his current scary appearance. Anyone who meets Deku will mistake her for a villain.

Deku is willing to use force to hide from his friends if necessary, but they are also prepared to fight her. The battle of the two sides will be an exciting episode in the next chapter of the Hero Academy.

FAQ’s About Katsuki Bakugo

Why is bakugou Katsuki not an official tag?

Why is bakugou Katsuki not an official tag?

It’s a cold rainy winter morning on the way to UA, and a certain unlucky red head forgot an umbrella, but luckily he bumped into an angry blonde that happens to be holding an umbrella but also not really? why is that not an official tag????

Why is bakugou Katsuki sleeping on his lap?

Why is bakugou Katsuki sleeping on his lap?

Not him though; he was feeling comfortably warm due to the human heat pack –also known as Bakugo Katsuki AKA his boyfriend– currently asleep on his lap with his head on his thigh and arms loosely wrapped around Izuku’s waist. “W-why aren’t you disappearing after I kissed you?!” Katsuki shouted, shocked. “W-w-wha-I … can’t?

Where does bakugou Katsuki meet Uraraka ochako?

Where does bakugou Katsuki meet Uraraka ochako?

Or : Bakugou Katsuki accidentally ends up in a cafe meet-cute with Deku’s former number one ride-or-die, Uraraka Ochako, and they catch feelings. One shots of snippits of Pro-hero domestic life for poly bakusquad, mainly centered around Bakugou.

How does bakugou Katsuki's worldview turn on its head?

Why is bakugou Katsuki sleeping on his lap?

Bakugou’s worldview is turned on its head when his homeroom teacher Aizawa cares for him when hurt. As his teachers start asking questions and looking at his student’s behaviour, things start to add up. One question leads to another and suddenly Katsuki has said too much

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