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KissAnime Alternatives

Kissanime alternatives with over 10,000 anime movies and series to watch in HD for free. This is also a suitable place to watch cartoons online for free. Along with watching your favorite anime, you can also read manga on this site.

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KissAnime is a dedicated animation streaming site that offers thousands of free animations. If you’re a fan of anime, this is a site you don’t want to miss.

However, due to copyright infringement, the KissAnime official site was closed on March 14, 2020. Now you need to switch to the new KissAnime domain. You can watch kiss-anime—Ws-free animations.

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Yet we don’t know when KissAnime is down again. Hence, it is necessary to check out free sites like KissAnime.

The ultimate list of best anime websites where you can always watch your favorite anime. Below we handpicked the 12 best KissAnime alternatives of 2020 for your reference. In Part 2, you can also learn how to: Downloads from KissAnime and other top anime sites.

Part 1. Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives

The top 12 KissAnime alternatives I have listed below boast a variety of animations. And all of them are working fine now.

Let’s go.


9Anime is one of the best KissAnime alternatives you don’t want to miss. Its amazingly intuitive interface and massive database set it apart from its competitors. There are currently more than 24,000 shows, and more databases will be opened continuously. Besides, 9Anime has arranged these shows into different classes and types. Quick filters make it easy to find all animations. No registration is required.

Of course, what makes 9Anime stand out from the crowd is that it offers thousands of anime shows in fantastic sound quality.

animated movie

AnimeFrenzy is an excellent site like KissAnime. The site is versatile, with an American comic series in its library. AnimeFrenzy also provides a chat room where you can chat with other anime lovers while watching anime videos. You can use a temporary name or send an anonymous message as a Chatango member. You should feel comfortable about this.


A great alternative to KissAnime, Animefreak brings you the freshest anime episodes and new titles. Besides, Animefreak lists the latest manga on their homepage. Animefreak sets itself apart from the rest with its See All Episode feature. When you play an episode, you’ll see the Show All Episodes icon. Click on it, and you will get a list of finished episodes of the title you are currently watching. So you can instantly switch to any attack.

What’s more, the auto-run feature lets you drive through the animation without any difficulty. Aside from that, Animefreak minimizes ads. No popups, let alone redirects, except for sponsored ads.

Animefreak’s only catch is that it doesn’t include anime dubs. I’m sorry!

animated planet

Anime-Planet is a free and legal anime website like KissAnime. Over 40,000 legitimate anime episodes are available to watch online. It’s also a great platform to meet other anime fans. Anime-Planet is generous with all anime titles. Clicking on the animation will provide you with various energy-related information about this show—for example, overview, recommendations, characters, staff, reviews. So you can get a general idea before watching the show. Especially curated animated screenshots can also be saved.  

In addition, Anime-Planet allows you to individually search for anime, manga, anime characters, users. Annoying ads from Anime-Planet won’t bother you. However, it does not provide an animation download service. If you want to download the animation, please see Part 2.

animated film. MI

Ani. I am a 100% legal original anime streaming service. Compared to the default dark mode for anime websites, Ani. I am bright.

Ani. It is different from most anime websites. The homepage doesn’t have a massive collection of animation clips. Instead, it informs you of featured anime news. Extensive animated videos aren’t available, but they’re still easy to find. You can browse animations by tags or get great animation recommendations. Well-categorized animations are also displayed in the Animations column. Besides, you can quickly get a summary and rating of the anime you want to watch. Beyond that, there is a well-organized community for anime fans.


Pantsubase is one of the free animation sites like KissAnime to spread and share animations with everyone. Watching on Pantsubase TV is completely free.

Like most anime websites, they list a variety of the latest anime videos on their homepage. Trendy and random animations are also easy to find here. Pantsubase also handles active communication groups of 5790 people. The outstanding feature of Pantsubase is that it provides more than 40 ways to share animated videos on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Pinterest, and more.

There are not many ads on this site, and it will not bother you. It worth a try.

 go-go animation

GogoAnime is an excellent KissAnime replacement. All the latest episodes with intuitive thumbnails. Besides, you can find dubbed and Chinese animations on GogoAnime. The best thing about GogoAnime is that you can search for spirits by type. You can categorize the various animations through TV series, movies, OVA, ONA, specials. As an avid anime fan, how could you miss an anime streaming site like KissAnime?


If you’re looking for a free KissAnime replacement, Masterani is worth a try. Mastering gives you free access to animated movies and TV shows. We offer these animated movies and shows with English subtitles. And the show quality varies from 480p, 720p, and even 1080p. You can also download animations. Masterani’s response speed is satisfactory.

However, you have to click three times before streaming the anime show. Otherwise, Masterani is a fantastic place to watch anime.

anime heaven

As the name suggests, AnimeHaven is heaven for anime fans. Anime viewers can watch thousands of new anime videos released in 2020. Also, AnimeHeaven allows you to download anime videos for free.

The only downside to AnimeHeaven is that it shows too many ads.

Crunch Roll

Crunchyroll is undoubtedly one of the best KissAnime alternatives.

Crunchyroll’s most competitive advantage is its subtitles in three languages ​​to help non-native speakers understand the story. These three languages ​​include English (US and UK), Español, Português (Brasil and Portugal), Français (France), Deutsch, العربية, Italiano, and Русский.

All in all, the viewing experience of this website is fantastic! Visit Crunchyroll, and you won’t see annoying ads. The content is well-organized, and the various categories make it easy to find animations. Also, the animation video quality varies from 480p to 1080p.

anime karma

Anime Karma is an anime website like kiss anime. This site has a massive catalog of anime series. From the best IMDB anime videos to featured TV shows, Anime Karma has an extensive collection of all types. You can go back to the anime released in 1973 in Anime Karma. It makes sense to have fans of all ages.

Registration is required, but Anime Karma still garners many positive comments due to its versatile nature.

anime rap

AnimeLab is an alternative to KissAnime that offers the freshest shows and classic hits. It has an extensive collection of HD animations spanning many genres. AnimeLab’s interface is brilliant and user-friendly. Besides, AnimeLab is currently available for almost all devices. For example, AppleTV, iOS, Xbox, Playstation, Android, and even Chromecast.

AnimeLab’s only catch is that it’s only available in Australia and New Zealand. Are you crazy?

Part 2. How to download animated videos from sites like KissAnime 

Above, we have introduced the best alternatives to KissAnime. Now you can enjoy a rich anime show.

Sometimes you may want to download an animated video so you can watch it whenever you want. In that case, you can look at AnyVid, a versatile downloader that allows you to download animated videos for free.

AnyVid is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. You can also download HD animated videos for free with AnyVid. In addition, preview and bulk downloads are available. It will help you to download anime episodes quickly. Let’s install AnyVid and start downloading animated videos.

Step 1. Launch AnyVid and search for animated videos with titles. Alternatively, you can paste the URL into the search bar.

Step 2. Select the anime episodes you want to download and click the green download button at the bottom right of the screen. Then select additional formats and go.

After downloading the animated video, you can find it in the Library tab on the left panel.


Our list of Top 10 KissAnime alternatives includes all the best anime sites on the internet. Each has its unique advantages. We tested it, and all places like KissAnime work well. You can go and find one that suits you. Whether the KissAnime site is down or not, you always know where to watch animated videos.

AnyVid is the best option to download anime videos. You can batch download HD animation videos for free.

FAQ’s About KissAnime Alternatives

Which is the best alternative to kissanime to watch?

Sub or Dub: Sub First up on my kissanime alternatives list is Crunchyroll. This is a premier anime streaming site that offers unparalleled service. The site offers both free and paid content, the free content, of course, having a heavy amount of commercials.

Is the site kissanime going to be closed?

Is the site kissanime going to be closed?

KissAnime may not open now or shortly. Japan criminalized manga and anime piracy in June 2019, so this was expected that most of the renowned pirated anime websites might not work as fluently as it used to do in the past. To recoup with it, what we can do is looking for the best Anime sites like KissAnime.

Which is the best site to watch anime for free?

Which is the best site to watch anime for free?

KissAnime is one of the most visited and popular free online streaming sites for watching anime, cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Here is a list of best KissAnime alternatives for watching anime online when the KissAnime website is down. Let’s check out the list.

Are there any other sites like

Are there any other sites like

Without a single doubt, was one of the top anime streaming websites. But, there is always an emerging threat from the officials and copyright owners on all the pirate websites or content. Because above all, pirated content is illegal.

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