My Hero Academia: Interesting information about All Might’s teacher – the predecessor of One For All

The concept of a particular type of Quirk – One For All started initially with the younger brother of All For One.

As is known, One For All carries the property of being inherited from one person to another. Like how Deku met Daigoro Banjo – the fifth owner or, more recently, Nana Shimura, Toshinori Yagi/All Might’s old teacher and Tomura Shigaraki’s grandmother in chapter 287.

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In the last chapter, Nana Shimura appeared to help Midoriya. The sixth owner of One For All has been revealed a little about himself through flashbacks, but with the upcoming release of chapter 288, let’s look at some notable information about the character—this object.

10. Can use a variety of Quirk

Not only is her Quirk “Float” that allows flying in the air, Nana Shimura as the owner of One For All, is also endowed with the ability to use various Quirks from her predecessors. It’s like the way Deku uses Blackwhip.

9. Connection with Gran Torino

Gran Torino, whose real name is Sorahiko, is a former professional hero and a teacher at UA. He first appeared in the series My Hero Academia as someone Midoriya came to practice and helped him improve One For All. . Before Deku, Gran Torino was also All Might’s teacher.

Nana Shimura and Sorahiko are two very close friends who used to work side by side in heroic careers. After Nana Shimura passed away, Gran Torino fulfilled his promise to teach the young Yagi Toshinori to do great things. Recently, he was crying and happy to see his best friend’s Quirk again through Deku.

8. Smile

All Might is famous for his superhuman strength and the smile on his face when helping civilians, giving them confidence that he will overcome adversity. And in fact, this comes from the old teacher Nana Shimura. Nana taught All Might how always to help others with a smile to make them less afraid and more confident.

7. Gone at the hands of All For One

All For One is a type of Quirk that is the complete opposite of One For All when the user’s ideas are different, and the ability is to take away the Quirk of others instead of continuing. Nana Shimura and Gran Torino, All Might, fought a threat called All For One.

However, things did not go smoothly. Nana Shimura, at that time, to protect both her student and close friend, accepted to sacrifice herself and died at the hands of All For One. This brought All Might’s hatred of All For One to a climax, and it was not until much later that the enmity was repaid.

6. Broken family

Nana Shimura, aside from being a hero, is also the woman of the family. But with the ownership of One For All, Nana will always be in All For One’s sights. He tracked down and killed her husband, bringing Nana Shimura’s family into the whirlpool of injury.

After that tragedy, Nana sent her son to another place to be cared for. And she also told Gran Torino and All Might to keep their promise that they would never go after the whereabouts of the boy Kotaro Shimura, Nana’s son. The primary purpose is to save her child’s life from All For One, but inadvertently cause Kotaro to misunderstand and become hostile to her.

5. Fallen grandchild

The leader of the Crime Alliance, the heir to All For One and an intense interest in Izuku Midoriya, whose real name is Tenko Shimura. That’s right, Shigaraki is the grandson of the hero Nana Shimura.

And from there, it was revealed that Tomura was Nana’s nephew, which is one of the main reasons All For One decided to choose him. Currently, Tomuro/Tenko is one of the most dangerous criminals.

4. It was Nana who indirectly formed Tomura as it is today

Tenko Shimura is the son of Kotaro Shimura, taking the child that Nana had to leave in the past because she wanted him not to be entangled in the tragedy caused by All For One. Little boy Kotaro has become a successful businessman, but he hates superheroes because of his hatred for his mother.

Day after day, Kotaro vents his anger by torturing and beating his son, Tenko. Leading up to one day, Tenko unconsciously exploded Quirk Decay out of control, leading to the massacre of the whole family. It was the decisions of Nana Shimura in the past that indirectly changed the fate and gave birth to a criminal named Tomura Shigaraki.

3. The real meaning behind the name Nana

The name Nana, at the discretion of the author Kōhei Horikoshi, has two distinct meanings. The first will be according to the number in Japanese when Nana (なな) means the number 7, symbolizing that Nana Shimura is the 7th owner of One For All.

In addition, Nana is also a word to refer to the name of grandmother. It was because of Nana’s connection with her grandson Tomura Shigaraki.

2. Strong body to adapt to One For All

One For All is a type of Quirk that requires its user to be physically good enough to use the ability. Deku initially had to go through hard training and many injuries and improvements to adapt to One For All gradually. Nana is no exception when it comes to training.

Even though Nana was the only woman, she also trained hard and became no less than a man. Nana owns a healthy body, even-toned many times compared to the current My Hero Academy female characters. That shows how strong and suitable she is for One For All.

1. Can see the predecessor

The UA Games marked the first time that Midoriya had seen the previous owners of One For All. And it’s not just him, and Nana Shimura is the same as she once told Gran Torino that her predecessor’s image appeared in her mind.

There is a high possibility that Nana is the one who can see both the memories and images of her predecessor before Deku. This again shows that Nana Shimura and Midoriya are currently the names with the best connection with One For All and know how to use them effectively.

Who is Nana Shimura in my Hero Academia?

Who is Nana Shimura in my Hero Academia?

She was also a minor posthumous character in the 2019 anime film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. Shimura was the seventh person to inherit the One For All Quirk, a stockpiling ability passed on from user to user that increased power with each new person.

What do you know about Nana Shimura's legacy?

What do you know about Nana Shimura's legacy?

As the One For All user before All Might, Nana Shimura’s legacy is felt throughout My Hero Academia. What are some significant facts about the hero?

Who are the main characters in nanashimura stories?

Who are the main characters in nanashimura stories?

The book is still a WIP. This story follows the adventures of Shimona Shimura, the daughter of Nana Shimura, whose adopted name is Shimona Kurasaki. In this universe, Izuku g…

Who is the voice actor for Nana Shimura?

Who is the voice actor for Nana Shimura?

However, Nana Shimura’s legacy was not one of complete failure, as All Might’s successor Izuku Midoriya carried on the mantle and opposed Shigaraki. Shimura is voiced by Mie Sonozaki in the Japanese version of the anime and by Stephanie Young in the English version.

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