Provisional Hero License Exam

The Provisional Hero License Exam is a semiannual test prepared by the Hero Public Safety Commission awards intelligent students who cross each aspect of a Provisional Hero License.


The Provisional Hero Licensing Exam is held twice during each June and September, coinciding with the start of the usual Japanese semester period. The exam is contained in three separate scenes crossed the country, all at the same time. Many hero academics from over the country join their students in the exam. However, they divide classes among the different locations to prevent their students from striving for one another.

Very some first years try getting their provisional licenses. Still, students in-hero subjects like U.A. and Shiketsu accelerate the method of getting them. The contents of the exam variation from year to year. This is reasonable to avoid students who earlier took the exam having an unfair advantage.


Thousands of students at orientation.

On Class 1-A’s particular licensing exam, students from many schools meet at Takoba National Stadium. Competing schools introduce U.A. High, Shiketsu High, Ketsubutsu Academy, and various other schools. Inside the gymnasium, all students are arranged in a crushed room where Yokumiru Mera from the Public Safety Commission describes the rules of the first test.

There are approximately 1,540 students in gathering for orientation. The exam used to continue a 50% passing rate for members. Due to current events like Stain’s suspension and All Might’s retirement, the exam was adjusted to be much more expensive in its vetting methods, and now less than 10% of students can qualify. The exam has a unique focus on activity while inspiring teamwork and interaction between members. The most advanced version of the exam expects only to entitle the best students possible to fill the break left behind by All Might.

The Police asked that the exam’s focus be on students’ powers to collaborate with each other. Both aspects of the exam are expected to test the students’ talent to work mutually. The first stage maintains teamwork and battle ability. The final phase concentrates more on judgment making and how students focus on their role in emergencies.


  • Initial Phase
The targets or “weak points”.

Examinees necessary place three targets or “weak points” on their beds in any presented area. The objectives recognize the balls and say who hit what based on length, flow, and other factors. Students also get a box with six orange balls. The points light up if they’re hit by 1 of the shots.

If a ball attempts all three points, that student is dismissed. The opponent that burns up another student’s third point is recognized with their removals. Students must reduce two other competitors to move the first phase, and only the first 100 candidates to pass will encourage the final stage.

The crowded room where all the members are begins to show the vast interior of the gymnasium made up of many terrains. The points and balls are given out to the students, and they all developed out to their wanted area. The first test drives only a minute afterward.

The “Crushing of U.A.”.

There is a story in the provisional licensing exam called “Crushing of U.A.” wherever students from different schools target U.A. because their Quirks have done made familiar via the U.A. Sports Festival. At the origin of this exam, Ketsubutsu Academy students quickly attack students from Class 1-A. The U.A. students protect themselves by applying their new Super Moves. Their answers prove too firm, and Yo Shindo is applied to split them up by disclosing the terrain using his Tremoring Earth particular move.

Inasa Yoarashi is the first to cross when he rejects 120 students by applying his Whirlwind Quirk. Izuku Midoriya is isolated from his classmates and is faced by another Shiketsu student: Camie Utsushimi. Izuku and Camie fight till Ketsubutsu students attack them. Ochaco Uraraka and Hanta Sero ultimately regroup with Izuku and save him; by this case, over thirty people have crossed the exam.

Many students from Seijin High School attack Shoto Todoroki. He destroys ten of them and enhances the 56th person to cross the exam. Momo Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu Asui, Kyoka Jiro, and Mezo Shoji challenge students from Seiai Academy and beat them to give. Denki Kaminari and Eijiro Kirishima obey Katsuki Bakugo to the city region, where Seiji Shishikura defies them. Izuku, Hanta, and Ochaco understand that the best way to cross is to control their players sooner than hitting moving points with their balls. The band fights with other students in the area to pass.

Class 1-A completes their comeback!

Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki plan to beat Seiji. They attack other students he had before set into meatballs and pass the exam by defeating them. At the same time, Izuku’s group restraining a few students and stopping them from passing. Because Yo destroyed the center of the stage, several students fought seriously in a rush to pass the exam. The Ketsubutsu students remain and take benefit of bored students to pass the exam themselves.

Nine students from Class 1-A remain while only ten points are possible. The U.A. students are departed and in an extraordinary situation. They come collectively thankfulness to a beacon of light from Yuga Aoyama that supports them return together and beat the other students hastening to pass. All nine control to make an astounding come back and fill the last ten points along with Camie.

Final Phase

The Help Us Company.

The Help Us Company

The various stadium sectors are discharged and transformed into hazard zones as the students watch from the antechamber. Yokumiru commands the examinees to play as heroes and manage saving services for the second and final phase of the licensing exam.

Expert rescuees from the Help Us Company work as civilians seized up in a villain terrorist strike. Students are tasked with protecting them, and the H.U.C. helps explain the student’s recovery methods and decrease points in the case of distinguished mistakes and a lack of energy. They are served by public security workers controlling the exam from the opinions. They also see the students and diminish scores based on their progress. A student starts the second phase with 100 points, and orders fail if their score falls below the 50 points benchmark.

The second-year students prove more experienced in the field of rescuing people.

At the origin of the examination, Class 1-A sticks collectively, and Izuku obtains a young man wounded and shouting. He declares that his grandfather is in dispute, and Izuku answers that the condition is shocking. The boy exits his temper and calls at Izuku for staying calm. He diminishes points and reveals that heroes require supporting those in poverty and acting according to the condition. The second-year scholars from other schools set up first aid areas and make the way when emergency services necessitate to come. The possible need is that all students need help saving people and defending the difficulty to be delivered smoothly to authorities when they arrive.

Inasa does his wind to clear unusual rubble and glide victims into the air. Although one of these H.U.C employees is affected by Inasa’s power over his Quirk, he diminishes details for sloppiness. Nagamasa reveals to Inasa that he requires to check on civilians situations before leaving them. Class 1-A gets more victims caught under rubble, and Ochaco hurries to protect them. Momo holds her and says to her, and they want to secure the wreck first. The students choose to split up and work with other schools to protect as several people as reasonable.

Gang Orca attacks!

How Katsuki Ptrotects civilians

Katsuki, Eijiro, and Denki find two low priority civilians in the hills. They request help, but Katsuki shouts at them to protect themselves. Eijiro and Denki bring them backwards to secure themselves. As everyone gets into the valley of safeguarding people, Gang Orca and his guys appear at the arena. They sound through one of the barriers close to the first aid section and attack. Gang Orca and his guys assume the villain terrorist strike, and students need to juggle saving efforts and fight this new threat.

The villains invade the stage close to the first aid service and complete it as their victim. The bulk of the students work on removing the wounded away from the critical area. Yo, Shoto, and Inasa rush to the front lines. Gang Orca does quick work of Yo. The agents say it’s excellent. Shoto and Inasa were taken to the front line because of their low Quirks. Gang Orca can protect facing Shoto’s first attack, but then Shoto and Inasa become into an exchange right in the face of the villains.

Gang Orca and the agents are unimpressed, and the couple is immobilized by the No. 10 hero’s hypersonic fluctuations. Gang Orca’s Sidekicks try to finish the saving area, but Izuku manages them off. Yo Shindo moves the ground under the villains and splits it apart to stop their progress. He thought to use his physical protection against Gang Orca, but the first years got in the way.

Shoto and Inasa’s unison blast traps Gang Orca.

Shoto and Inasa set their disparities out and trap Gang Orca inside a spiralling fire jail using a community blare from their Quirks while deadened. The villains set around to help their authority and students recovering from the removal strike. Mashiro Ojiro, Fumikage Tokoyami, and Mina Ashido work with Izuku to take benefit of the condition. Tsuyu and Nagamasa Mora also come to get down some more villains with their unique moves.

Gang Orca appreciates Shoto and Inasa’s teamwork won’t make up for their errors, but he says their unison strike was perfect. At this point, there are just a few more citizens who started to be saved before the test terminated. The No. 10 Hero must rehydrate and says an ordinary villain would possible give up in this condition, but heroes must be qualified for when they don’t. The leader villain quickly disappears from the hot wind jail by destroying it apart with hypersonic fluctuations. He decides to destroy off Shoto and Inasa, but Izuku holds him with a strong kick. The other followers save the last of the wounded, and the exam appears to an unexpected end.

Results of Provisional Hero License Exam Students

Student1st PhasePlace2nd PhaseCollapseScore
PassedBetween 77-79Passed71
PassedBetween 77-79PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 77-79Passed84
PassedBetween 57-60PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 57-60PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 57-60Passed94
PassedBetween 57-60PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 79-82PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 79-82PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 79-82FailedUnknown
PassedBetween 82-90PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 82-90PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 82-90PassedUnknown
PassedBetween 82-90PassedUnknown


Katsuki, Shoto, and Inasa learn of the remedial course.

Provisional Hero License Exam Results Announcing

Yokumiru performed the exam results after publishing students were counted based on how few errors they made during the second phase. The titles of those who transferred populate an outsized board, first of all, the scholars. 89 of the 100 students qualify for the exam, including greatest of the elegance 1-A. However, because of their noncooperation and recklessness regarding the villain strike, Shoto and Inasa abandon the exam. Katsuki also leaves because he didn’t fix any energy into saving people.

Inasa excuses Shoto for building his fail, and Shoto acknowledges that he’s also guilty of things. Katsuki is angry over should fail the exam. Several students in Class 1-A are amazed that their two several vital students could not see their licenses. Yokumiru has the agents distribute sheets holding each student’s evaluations. The sheets describe which activities of the scholars got demerits. Izuku queries why the scoring system didn’t recognise students and pass students after falling below the benchmark.

Final Words About Provisional Hero License Exam

Yokumiru reveals that the students who qualified will get their temporary licenses to serve as heroes in difficulties. He tells his concerns that these ultimate heroes will fill the void left behind by All Might. Then he asked those that failed the exam and started a foundation subject they would participate in. If they happened to pass, they would get their Provisional Hero License Exam correctly. The first stage was expected to thin the crowd, so the committee wanted to nurture the 100 students who presented it to the second stage. This was why weakened students were not excluded: to give more data to improve their difficulties in the expected course.

Izuku receives his Provisional Hero License.

The Provisional Hero License Exam are delivered out to the students, and several of them go their separate directions. Ms Joke says goodbye to Shota and requests that their classes do any mutual training in the destiny. Inasa tells Shoto he but doesn’t want him but seems front to taking the Remedial Course commonly.

Izuku asks Nagamasa about Camie’s disappearing way, but he seems clueless. He states that Camie hasn’t been playing herself, and she went early. About away from the stadium, Camie’s cover falls away, showing who was using the exam in her place: Himiko Toga, who has trained to take a sample of Izuku’s blood.

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