5 Special Similarities Between Rock Lee From Naruto And Deku From My Hero Academia

Rock Lee and Deku both have remarkable similarities, especially since they both start from unremarkable power.

If you notice, Rock Lee in Naruto turns out to have a lot of similarities with Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku in My Hero Academia.

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Here are five striking similarities between these two exciting characters.

1. Both of them started with a strength that is nothing compared to their peers

Neither Rock Lee nor Deku was able to use the power they needed to achieve their goals. Since childhood, Rock Lee could not use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu even though he wanted to become a ninja.

And Deku, too, lives in a world where almost everyone has extraordinary powers, and he was born with no abilities or was bullied by his classmates, but he still dreams of becoming a big brother. hero.

Even so, Rock Lee eventually found his way; he focused on Taijutsu and became an excellent ninja without Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. On the other hand, Deku impressed All Might and was given the power of One For All to achieve his goal.

2. Both have teachers with names containing the word “Might.”

Rock Lee was a student of Might Guy, who taught him how to make the most of Taijutsu techniques. Might Guy himself is also a ninja master in this regard, with compelling designs.

Like Rock Lee, Deku has All Might, who gives him the powers of One For All. And All Might himself is also the world’s No. 1 hero, a symbol of Peace, and possesses the One For All power that makes everyone admire.

So both Rock Lee and Deku, not only good teachers, but both have the word “Might” in their names. Not only that, but they also have similarities with their teachers

3. Deku and Rock Lee’s outfits are both green

When it comes to superheroes, of course, they must have their signature costumes. Likewise, Deku always wears the original outfit made by his mother. Interestingly, Deku’s outfit is the same color as Rock Lee’s, which is green. This similar coloration adds to the similarity between the two.

The difference here is that if His mother made deku’s costume, the ninja costume Rock Lee used was given to him by his teacher Might Guy.

4. Their techniques all use physical attacks

As you also know, both Rock Lee and Deku use physical attacks. Even though Deku doesn’t have any at first, he gains extra physical strength to his attacks since having the One For All power. And Deku’s are mainly close-range physical attacks.

As for Rock Lee himself, although he couldn’t use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, his Taijutsu technique was so strong that he could reach the level of Jonin.

5. Their main move can affect themselves

If you remember, at least at the beginning of the My Hero Academia series, Deku’s attacks always hurt him. It’s not clear if it only affected his fingers or his entire arm and even his legs.

But All Might has said that if Deku’s body is not trained, the use of One For All can also destroy his body.

Likewise, Rock Lee can use the Eight Gates Release Armor – one of the most potent moves. We have seen Lee open many gates in the Eight Gates one after another, but we have not seen him open gate 8, but many think that the current Lee is more than capable.

And in fact, as Might Guy pointed out, opening the eighth gate could cost himself his life.

Above are five similarities between Deku and Rock Lee. If you find any other similarities, please let us know so we can discuss them.

FAQ’s About Special Similarities Between Rock Lee From Naruto And Deku

How are Rock Lee and Izuku alike in Naruto?

How are Rock Lee and Izuku alike in Naruto?

Like Izuku, Rock Lee wasn’t born with any special powers. So, he trained like crazy to master taijutsu, or melee combat, and he could easily modify his style to make room for Izuku, and vice versa. Between Rock Lee’s hidden gates and Smash attacks, no enemy will stand a chance.

Who is better Sakura or Izuku in Naruto?

Who is better Sakura or Izuku in Naruto?

Izuku would rather blow the enemy away with a Smash, meaning these two fighting styles clash with each other. Like Sakura, Rock Lee is a martial arts powerhouse, though he lacks Sakura’s healing jutsu. So, Sakura would be preferable for Izuku’s team overall, but there is still room for Rock Lee.

Who are the Naruto characters Deku would team up with?

Who are the Naruto characters Deku would team up with?

Izuku has fought alongside Mirio Togata and Katsuki Bakugo, among others, but he could also use some allies from other shonen franchises, such as the Naruto world. More than a few characters there could easily complement Izuku’s abilities or think along the same lines, while other ninja would prove an awkward match for him.

Who is Wiz and who is Rock Lee?

Who is Wiz and who is Rock Lee?

Wiz: And Rock Lee, successor to Might Guy and the Hidden Leaf’s Will from Naruto. Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick.

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