Spoiler My Hero Academia chap 286: Deku transforms “cool”, One For All appears

Let’s come to the exciting information in Spoiler My Hero Academia chapter 286!

The title of Spoiler My Hero Academia chapter 286 is One Among Us – One of Us.

Deku is shocked; Bakugo is seriously injured.

Spoiler My hero academia chapter 286 opens with the image of Deku being highly shocked by what is happening. Meanwhile, Bakugo was bleeding non-stop. Shigaraki’s attack made Bakugo seem to lose his ability to fight, Bakugo gradually fell to the ground.

Bakugo is seriously injured

Endeavor is in danger. Todoroki saves it in time.

As for Endeavor, our hero was also seriously injured and fell into an overheated state. Fortunately, Todoroki caught him in time. Todoroki was able to see Bakugo with his feet as he fell to the ground. Despite their best efforts, the heroes were still unable to finish off the villain. Shigaraki is slowly recovering his body.

Endeavor is in danger, Todoroki saves it in time

Deku gets mad and attacks the villain

Faced with the terrible situation that happened to his friend, Deku became even madder. Deku completely lost control. Deku let Black Whip cover his entire body and rushed towards the opponent. Shigaraki fires an attack beam but is “bite” by Deku.

Deku gets mad and attacks the villain

The war between Deku and Shigaraki continued to drag on. Deku’s condition is getting worse and worse, and he has no way of defeating a Shigaraki whose “healing factor” is not inferior to Wolverine. Shigaraki slaps Deku in the face so hard that he is left out. The war against the villain gradually fell into a stalemate and lost hope.

Nana Shimura appeared “extremely cool.”

Right at that moment, hope returned. A strange figure appeared with the words: “Predecessor… is coming”. From the subconscious, Nana Shimura appeared, helping Deku calm down. At this time, My Hero Academia chapter 286 also ended.

Nana Shimura appeared “extremely cool”

Above is the updated information about My Hero Academia chap 286. The Vietnamese version will be available this week. How do you guys see the new chapter of My Hero Academia? It’s exciting, isn’t it? Please leave your opinion by commenting at the bottom of the article!

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