Top 10 Super Powers loved by many people in My Hero Academia

super powers in my academia

In this Article, will discuss about super powers in my academia. In My Hero Academia (Hero Academy), heroes possessing many different superpowers to fight to protect peace and justice against criminals also have equally various superpowers.

In the series of My Hero Academia, approximately 80 percent of the people have inborn superpowers called quirks. These meta abilities usually fall under three categories: Emitter, Transformation, and Heteromorphic.

Here are 10 Super Capacity (Quirk), the more powerful love of My Hero Academia. Try to see what you like most types nhé!

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super powers in my academia

1. All For One

This is the most potent quirk in My Hero Academia, and it gives the user the ability to steal other people’s quirk and make it their own. The advantage of this ability is that it is not limited in time or strength, the owner of All For One can use it whenever he wants, even combining quirks to create unique moves—attacks with tremendous power.

All For One wants Tomura Shigaraki to be his successor and pass on his quirk to him.

2. One For All

This is a superpower that can be passed on to others. One For All is a combination of two different superpowers, including accumulating power and transferring your superpower to others.

When One For All is activated, its owner will accumulate power to achieve tremendous physical strength, keen hearing, and the ability to move at superhuman speed. The current ninth successor of One For All is Midoriya Izuku.

3. Half-Cold Half-Hot (Fire and Ice)

Todoroki Shouto has a father with the power of fire and a mother with the ability of ice, so since he was born, he has inherited the power of both. The left half of Todoroki can create and control the fire, while the right half can create and maintain the ice.

A power that is too convenient, wanting hot is hot, wanting cold is cold, and when combined, can offset each other’s weaknesses.

4. Explosion

Themselves to their fullest potential. This is the explosive superpower, and its user is Bakugou Katsuki, Midoriya Izuku’s childhood friend. Bakugou’s hand sweat will turn into Nitroglycerin and explode. That is, the more he sweated, the more influential the explosion created.

However, overusing this superpower can affect Bakugou’s hands, and the downside is that if the weather turns cold, the sweat from his palms is less, then it is difficult for him to use the superpower.

5. HellFire

Endeavor is Todoroki’s father, who possesses the superpower Fire that allows him to create, manipulate, and control the temperature of the fire at will.

More superior, he can also turn flames into arrows, spears, or fireballs to attack opponents. Endeavor is the 2nd hero, just behind All Might.

6. Decay

Tomura Shigaraki is the leader of the Crime Alliance. His goal is to destroy the existing society and create a new organization that works the way he wants.

He can disintegrate anything or anyone he touches with his five fingers. The drawback of this quirk is that Tomura has to handle all five fingers on the target, or else it won’t be scary at all.

7. Transform

The transformation superpower gave her twisted personality Himigo Toga the ability to transform into anyone. An excellent knowledge when you want to hide or blend into the enemy’s ranks. This superpower is like Mystique from the X-Men.

8. Wrap

The Dimension Gate superpower is rare and has many benefits; the one who possesses this ability is Kurogiri, a vital member of the Criminal Alliance. With this power, he can teleport large numbers of people and objects simultaneously to many different places through the portal he created.

9. Best Jeanist

Best Jeans is superhero number 4, one of the strongest heroes today. This guy can manipulate the fibers according to his thoughts. Thanks to that, he could quickly move people from one place to another in the blink of an eye in a fight. Best Jeans can also create fibers from his body to instantly build up a solid defense.

10. Erasure

Shota Aizawa, a.k.a. Eraserhead, has the superpower to erase other people’s superpowers by looking unblinkingly at that person. But this power makes his eyes prone to dryness and eye discomfort. If Eraserhead closes his eyes, the opponent can continue to use his superpower. However, if he can’t see it, his quirk has no effect, so he dies with his superpowers Frog and Invisibility.

FAQ’s About super powers in my academia

Are there superpowers in my Hero Academia?

Are there superpowers in my Hero Academia?

Here are 5 superpowers in My Hero Academia that we want to see and 5 that we don’t. The world of My Hero Academia is filled with people who, over time, have gained access to special superpowers known as Quirks.

What are the quirks of my Hero Academia?

What are the quirks of my Hero Academia?

It’s just a tail. In fairness, it’s a tail that he has enough control over to whip around and smack villains with, but compared to the most powerful and most bizarre quirks in My Hero Academia, his superpower is just boring. In fact, the plainness of his Quirk is about as much character as Ojiro gets.

Are there any super powers in one for all?

Are there any super powers in one for all?

As both All Might and Midoriya show, One for All has its own base level of power for each user, which can be pushed to access the power that the previous users developed. This can make gauging its strength impossible in battle.

Which is the most powerful character in my Hero Academia?

Which is the most powerful character in my Hero Academia?

While being able to turn any one of your enemies into dust with a simple touch of all five fingers may seem like a powerful quirk, it’s also quite flawed. For starters, this quirk can only be utilized in very close quarters.

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